Mar 23

Murdoch Florist Is The Right Choice For A Flower Delivery in Murdoch

There are many exciting times in life that can be celebrated with the giving of flowers. If you are looking for flower delivery in Murdoch then you have come to the best place! Whether you are celebrating the passing of exams, passing a driving test, a birth or any other celebration, Murdoch Florist have flowers, bouquets and baskets to suit your needs and your budget.

Here is a small selection of the types of flowers that Murdoch Florist can deliver for you. If you order before 2 pm Monday to Friday (or noon on Saturday) you can expect same day delivery. Brilliant for those last minute celebrations.

Graduation Flowers

If a family member or loved one has recently graduated then sending a bouquet of flowers may not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, it is a thoughtful and appropriate gift to celebrate all their hard work and achievements. You can add balloons, a teddy bear or many other extras to your order to make it an extra special gift for them. If you do not live nearby why not send flowers to Murdoch by ordering them online through the website.

New Home Flowers

floral basketDo you know someone who has just moved into a new home in Murdoch? If so then using a Murdoch Florist makes sense. The staff know the area which makes delivery quick and easy and can welcome the recipient to the area if they are newly relocated. The website have the best flowers Murdoch can offer!

And what a wonderful welcome a beautiful bouquet of flowers makes when placed inside a new home. The beautiful colours and wonderful scents of fresh flowers make them the perfect gift to brighten up an unfurnished or newly inhabited home giving the owners time to settle in comfortably.

If this is a first home or a special purchase then why not add a little extra to your gift for a small extra cost. The floral service is able to provide balloons, fruit baskets, hampers and lots more that make welcome enhancements to your gift.

Thinking of You Flowers

flower arrangementIs there someone who you cannot stop thinking about? Then why not send them some flowers? They may well be feeling the same and sending a beautiful, fresh bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to let them know they are still in your thoughts. Murdoch Florist have a wide range of flowers, bouquets and baskets for you to choose from for that someone special who is always in your thoughts.

This is just a small selection of the type of flowers and accessories that the site offer. So whatever your requirements are in the Murdoch area you will find something to suit your needs. Your floral needs for Get well, Welcome a New Baby, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and Funerals or any other occasion can be met by the florists in Murdoch.

If you are looking for a flower delivery in Murdoch, then check the official murdoch florist website | online flowers murdoch | get well flower delivery murdoch | gift baskets | baby gifts | hampers | new baby floral arrangements | fruit baskets | sympathy or funeral floral tributes | valentine’s day roses bouquets | mother’s day flowers

Order online now to take advantage of free delivery and any other online offers Murdoch Florist may be running right now. These benefits may not last forever! In just a few hours your order could be loving prepared, beautifully presented and carefully delivered to someone’s door in Murdoch Western Australia.

Nov 19

Flowers for Men

It is your special man’s birthday and you want to do something special for him that you have never done. You want to buy him flowers to show him how much you appreciate him, but he is a masculine man and may view flowers as too feminine. Keep in mind that while it is unusual to buy a man flowers, there are certain occasions that he may see it as okay. Perhaps he is sick in the hospital and you want something convey Get Well wishes and to brighten his hospital room. Or perhaps it is a very special birthday and you want to show him how special he is. Or maybe it is father’s day and the kids want to buy flowers to show him what a great dad he is.

flowers for menIf you have made it up in your mind to buy flowers for your man, then make sure that the hue or colour of the flowers is more masculine than feminine. Hues of blue or deep purple are good for a floral basket for a male. Also, add a touch of something that he may like. Perhaps he has a favourite cigar, cigarette, coffee or chocolate that you can add to the flower basket. Anything that lends to the air of masculinity will help him in accepting the basket wholeheartedly. For the kids, maybe a small balloon that says special dad, or perhaps his favourite candies can be added to the flowers to bring more masculinity to the gift.

Keep in mind that feminine colours like pink or anything bright is probably not a good idea. You want to express how you feel in a different way but you still want him to feel like a man when he receives it. Many men are uncomfortable accepting flowers because they feel that flowers are for the man to buy for the woman. But if done in the right way and given with the right spirit, then even the manliest of man will be accepting of a nice flower gift that comes with some of his favourite items. If he is into golf, then adding golf balls may be a good idea. Or placing a gift that will help him with his profession will also make him more accepting of the flowers.

flowers for manWhatever your decision, keep in mind the personality of your man. Is he a bold personality or someone who is quiet and laid back? Also, keeping the flowers in a darker brown masculine basket may make him feel better about receiving flowers as a gift. There are also boxes that flowers can be put in, that will show as a more masculine gift. The best thing to help him remember from your gift of flowers, is the spirit of the giving. Let the kids make a great card with special words that comes from their heart to give with the flower basket. Or place a lipstick kiss on a card to present as well to let him know how you feel about him. Flowers for a man can be given for a special occasion, if you make it personal about him with treats that he will love.

Oct 31

Bring Back That Romantic Spark with Flowers

We’ve all witnessed that scene in movies or television where the hero searches for special flowers to gift to his lover and win her heart. Do you wish you could bring this Hollywood grade spark to your personal life? Are you looking for a way to reignite the love you once shared with someone? Well keep in mind that little things go a long way to a woman’s heart. But the question is: who nowadays has the time to actually go to a flower shop and carefully browse through the flower selection (or whatever remains of it after it has been ravaged by the daily customers) to choose a bouquet that truly expresses one’s feelings?

romance flowers 2With technology advancing and in our grasps, we now have the ease of ordering and purchasing gorgeous flowers over the internet, so you no-longer have to locate and rush to flower shops during your coffee breaks. You can shop for flowers conveniently from home or work, just be sure your boss does not catch you doing so!

Do you have that long distance relationship thing with the heartache of being apart and not being able to give your girlfriend the beautiful roses she deserves? Worry not, because with on-line flower delivery, you can bring the roses directly to her. This holds true, even if you are out of town and need to send flowers to her, the on-line florist has got you covered. Giving flowers is truly the perfect opportunity for you to restore and deepen your love connection and make that awful distance fade away. After all, what better way is there to say “I love you, sweetheart” than with a stunning bouquet of her favourite flowers?

It is not that all men are inconsiderate or disregard important events in a relationship, simply put, sometimes men have a lot on their minds and they forget. How many of you men have glanced at the calendar on your desk and suddenly remembered that today was a special day? It is in the nature of a woman to expect you to remember these occasions; they even expect you to be extra romantic on these days as well. So what do you do when you remember at the eleventh hour? Well, you go to the on-line flower shop and purchase the best bouquet you can find.

romance flowers 3Wish to deliver a romantic and thoughtful note to go with the flowers? No problem! Just leave it to the on-line florist to do the job with perfection. The whole procedure of selecting, purchasing, and delivering the flowers to your loved ones is so enjoyable and simple, that you will likely end up doing this time and time again. Because, frankly, why stop at just one special occasions? Put a smile on her face when she is down or upset with a handful of the pretty delicate poppies, or make her feel better when she falls sick with a dozen roses surrounding the bed when she wakes up. Be the best boyfriend or best husband and let your girl know that she has your full attention; nothing makes a woman more happy than knowing her man is always there to cheer her up!

With women, a simple flower can do what diamonds cannot. Even though with time the flowers will wilt, the miraculous bond of love they create only gets stronger and stronger. By showing how much you care, you too can steal a women’s heart. To the guys who wish to profess their affection to their beloveds, wrack up that courage and make the right selection of flowers. Take a chance in the name of love. Even if she turns you down, you will make her heart flutter with flowers. Knowing that you can make her smile, even if only once, surely makes it all worth the risk!

Sep 16

What Type Of Flowers Do I Send For A Funeral?

A funeral is sombre, sorrowful occasion. Flowers have always been ideal for telling those grieving that they’re in your thoughts. There are a number of possibilities with flowers for a funeral setting. What some find difficult is trying to figure out what type of flowers they should send for a funeral.

Choosing Flowers For A Funeral

MortuaryIt’s because there are so many different types of floral arrangements for funerals, people are unsure of what they should choose. Religious, cultural, and personal feelings can make us wonder if one arrangement is less appropriate than another. You want to choose something that’s perfect for that time and place, but you also want to make sure what you’ve chosen is appropriate. The last thing you want to do is offend those in mourning.

As with any occasion in which sending flowers are a possibility, it can be difficult, but by no means is it impossible. While shopping for the best flowers for a funeral, there are a few things that can help inform your decision.

Appropriate Flowers For A Funeral

funeral floral tributes (4)The tradition of flowers at a funeral is that the flowers are meant to represent growth, the birth of new life, and the desire to embrace moving forward with life. The best flowers designed with a funeral in mind will bring warmth and comfort to those grieving in the moment.

Regardless of where you shop for funeral flowers, you should make sure your order arrives at the funeral home a few hours prior to the first visiting hours. What you want is for the flowers to be there before the family arrives. On occasions in which having flowers delivered before the visiting hours begin is impossible, you’ll want to make arrangements for the flowers to be delivered to the home.

When Is It Not Appropriate To Send Flowers For A Funeral?

Besides religious and cultural considerations (some portions of the faithful in the Jewish and Islamic religions do not feel flowers are necessary), you should try to make sure the family does not have any special instructions regarding flowers.

In some cases, the family will ask that rather than flowers, a donation can be made to a charity that was of significance to the deceased or the family. It is extremely important to respect this wish.

Choosing The Right Floral Arrangement For A Funeral

funeral floral tributes (5)The truth of the matter is that barring personal, religious, and cultural preferences, there really isn’t one type of flower that is more appropriate than another. What you can start to choose from are some of the flower types that are popular at funerals. These can include carnations, chrysanthemums, gladiolas, roses, and lilies are all traditional favourites.

If the deceased enjoyed spending a lot of time in their garden, and they happened to have a favourite flower or flower, including that in your arrangement would be a wonderful gesture.

Certain floral arrangements are ideal for funerals. These include:

funeral floral tributes (3)

  • Wreaths: These circular flower arrangements are designed to represent eternal life.
  • Floral arrangements: Cut flowers and basket and container arrangements are both appropriate for funerals.
  • Sprays: This is a type of arrangement is designed to be viewed from only one side.
  • Casket sprays: Direct family members usually handle the organization of these pieces. They can often be found sitting on top of the casket.
  • Inside pieces: As the name might suggest, an inside piece will be found on the inside of a casket. Small floral sprays tend to make for good inside pieces.

Funeral Flower Shopping Tips

funeral floral arrangementsHere are some other tips for buying funeral flowers that you can keep in mind:

  • Apple blossoms mean that better things are going to come. Forget-me-nots signify true love and remembrance. Red roses mean love. Flowering almonds represent hope. Learn what each flower’s hidden meaning is, and this can help you choose the right arrangement.
  • Having a plant sent to the home of the bereaved is a wonderful gift that will keep on giving.
  • Prices for arrangements vary, but a simple arrangement won’t be too expensive.
  • Statues and garden stepping stones are not unreasonable gifts in an arrangement.
  • Having flowers sent after the funeral is usually acceptable.

Aug 06

Flowers: Nature’s Special Way of Helping Us Say “Get Well Soon!”

Looking for the Perfect Gift to give a Sick Friend or Loved One?

get well flower basketFlowers are nature’s way of helping to making someone’s day a whole lot better. Bright and colourful, flowers can lift just about anyone’s spirit and they make a great gift. When someone is sick, sending them a bouquet of flowers is a great way to let them know, even if you can’t be there in person, that you truly care. Flowers are colourful, too, and colours are known to help aid with overall attitude and mood. If a person’s mood and attitude is in the right place, they have a better chance of getting better faster, and flowers can help do this as well.

You’ve Found The Right Place!

Local florists know that choosing the right flower arrangement for your loved one can be a tricky process. Of course, you want the right flowers that will reflect exactly what you wish to say, and finding the right words aren’t always easy! That is why our florists are trained so well. Using only the freshest of flowers, they want to help you personalize your selection as well as provide reasonable prices and a variety of selections. Floral arrangements are not only easy to afford but are very convenient. You can bring flowers straight to your loved one’s home or straight to the hospital, so they can have all the comforts of home. Seeing the flowers by their bedside, they will smile as they remember your caring face or read the get-well card you added. Having the flowers close by will be sure to provide a much needed comfort during their hospital stay, for they will know that they’re loved and cared for by somebody not too far away.

So Where Do I Start?

get well flowersIt pays to be speedy when someone is ill, as the sooner they receive these flowers the better. But don’t fret, there’s good news: you don’t have to be physically present to benefit from your florist’s collection of gifts. In fact, you can be from anywhere in the world to enjoy these flowers any day of the year, no matter whatever the occasion may be! We offer get well flowers, sympathy flowers, and wedding flowers as well (just to name a few). Check your florist online store catalogue offering an exceptionally wide variety of creative styles and arrangements. Plus, Apple Blossom Flower knows that flowers aren’t the only great gifts to make a priceless and memorable moment. In addition to bouquets, you can also opt to send yummy comfort food treats like gourmet snacks, and even some wine to celebrate for when they get well. Or choose fruit baskets that any vegetarian will love. Little ones will enjoy a teddy bear to hold and lots of other soft toys to cuddle and play with when they are feeling their best.

Have a Colourful Day!

Get Well flower arrangements are carefully created so that they will have a personal touch. So the next time you want to help a friend feel better, come and stop by or look up our website online! We’ll help you hand-pick the perfect collection of flowers for the right person, every time.

Jul 16

A Great Way to Make Birthdays Special

Birthdays are a time to celebrate life, friendships, and relationships. You always want to make your loved ones feel special on their birthday. And how can you do that? When you turn to us here at Apple Blossom Flower, you can find plenty of simple, convenient ways to help make birthdays really stand out when it comes to what floral gift you choose to give. No matter where you live, you can still shop with your local florists. Read on to find out how we can help you.

Arrange for A Flower Delivery

birthday flowersFlowers are a perfect way to say happy birthday. Not only do they make a great impression, but they are also memorable. When you order with your florists, via phone or web, you can select from a huge assortment of all kinds of bouquets and arrangements, from traditional to contemporary, to send to your loved ones on their birthday. You can even save a trip to the local florist shop when you call them. If you want to send birthday flowers, you really need not look any further!

Purchase Great Gifts

But what if you want to purchase birthday flowers and include a few quality gift items? Believe it or not, you can also do that all right on-line. Florists offer a selection of great gifts, perfect for recipients of all ages. Wines, balloons, soft toys/teddy bears, gourmet food baskets and fruit baskets can be ordered right here, with a few simple clicks of the mouse, or from any internet capable device. Birthday gifts are a classic staple of any great birthday, and you want to make sure that you give a fantastic gift along with your flowers that really stands out. You can do that when you use their website.

Have Them Delivered Anywhere

One of the best parts of shopping on-line is that you can have your birthday flowers and gifts delivered to any physical address in the area. Simply let the florist knows where to deliver your flowers. Some offer free delivery for orders placed on-line. They also offer timely delivery services, in that you can always count on same day delivery when you place your order on time. In this way, you can rest assured your gift or flowers will make it on time, even if you might have ordered them the day of your loved ones special day.

Let Your Florist Help You to Say Happy Birthday

Browse our website to find out more. We want to help you say happy birthday to any and all of your loved ones from this year, onward. Let your florists know if they can help you in anyway throughout the process. Whether you are at home, or on the go, know that you can always count on them to help you with any and all of your birthday gift giving needs. Get started today!

Jun 20

Floral Gifts for New Baby and New Mother

In many milestone occasions of life, flowers are given as gifts to celebrate or empathize with another person. Believe it or not, birth is no different. Flowers are a gift that can be sent to both new baby and new mother as a token of congratulations, and a show of friendship and good will. But what kind of flowers should you send? When did birth flowers become acceptable? And, perhaps most importantly for some, where can you order birth flowers? We will address all these topics in this article:

Birth Flower Traditions
baby boy floral arrangementFor hundreds of years, humans have been presenting new babies and mothers with congratulatory flowers upon birth. Some speculate that these traditions began with the Romans. They were said the be the first to present seasonal flowers to both mother and child upon birth. Today, many still engage in this traditional practice. These flowers are thought to bring good luck to the new child and family as they start life. Subsequently, flowers may also be given on other birthdays, and not just upon birth.

Types of Birth Flowers to Consider
baby girl floral arrangementMany birth flowers are seasonal. That is to say, they are actually in-season and available to florists during the correct months they are specified for. For those interested, there are a number of charts online that detail birth flowers for each month. These flowers also have specific meaning that are tied into the month (as well as perhaps the children) they are said to represent. Most florists can also give you advice on what types of birth flowers to send for each month. For those who want to go a less traditional route, florists may also have specific birth arrangements available and for sale. Or, you may want to help the florists design their own arrangement with the help of flowers you pick. The mother’s favourite flowers may, for example, be a very nice touch, along with birth flowers. Instead of using any type of birth flower, you may also just want to send an arrangement that appeals to the family’s style, lifestyle, or adheres to the language of flower colours. Again, florists can often advise on these types of purchase. Do not hesitate to ask them, or call the customer service line of a delivery or online service before placing an order.
Where to Order
baby hamperThere are many, many places to order birth flowers. For many customers, their local florist shop is the most convenient place to order such arrangements. For others who do not have a local florist that serves their area, an online floral retailer or delivery service may be the most convenient. Use your local directory to find out more about possible floral services in your area. Or, if all else fails, you may wish to use a large, online search engine to find particular delivery services that serve your area. Either way, there is no doubt that new baby, new mother, and new family will be thrilled with your choice.

May 30

Floral Arrangements As Home Décor

Flowers have such a wonderful way of lifting your spirits. It’s always nice to receive a gift of flowers, whether it’s meant as a token of love, friendship, sympathy or apology. But aside from the occasional bouquet you might haphazardly toss in a vase, you can also use floral arrangements as design elements throughout your home. The beautiful colours and varieties of sizes and textures available can make stunning visual statements in any room of the house.

Using floral arrangements as part of your home décor makes your home feel warm and inviting. You can easily complement the design of your furnishings by adding arrangements around the house as accents or as focal points. It’s easy to change the colours for different seasons and adding unique floral arrangements can spruce up an otherwise tired look.

Tabletop Floral Arrangements

tabletop arrangementA standard place for a floral display is as a centrepiece for a dining room table. You can choose the container to reflect your decorating style. For instance, a uniquely shaped glass container with the right flowers works well for a modern floral arrangement. A basket or pottery style container works well for a more casual look and a classic urn style works well for a more formal look.

You can choose the flowers that best fit your decorating style as well as the container. You may prefer to accent colours of artwork you have displayed or choose colours that blend well with your other furnishings. Bright, boldly coloured flowers are great choices for the more modern look. More subdued colours or monochromatic floral arrangements are classically formal. Mixed arrangements can be designed to complement any style or colour scheme.

Making An Entrance

Flowers in a foyerFlowers in a foyer or entryway are a nice way to welcome people into your home. They offer your guests a feeling of true hospitality and set the theme in a pleasant way. If you have a large, grand style foyer, using a floral arrangement on a large scale can be a great way to wow your guests and it makes a great decorating solution. A beautiful table placed under a prominent chandelier and dressed with the appropriate floral arrangement can make a very visually appealing statement. Flower arrangements with tropical flowers can make large bold pieces for these large spaces.

If you don’t have that kind of space, a nice arrangement on a side table is still a great way to invite your guests in. Something as simple as fresh flowers arranged in a simple vase can be just as welcoming as a larger scale arrangement. Fresh floral arrangements can easily be changed out with the seasons or change in colour schemes.

You don’t have to save your floral arrangements for inside either. Adding flowers outside your home can make just as much of a welcoming statement as placing them inside. You can find floral arrangements to hang on the front door or to place on a step or porch to welcome your guests to your home. Styles and colors can be changed out for the seasons and give your home real curb appeal.

Flowers in the Bathroom

Flowers in the BathroomPeople may not usually think of putting floral arrangements in their bathrooms, but they can add an attractive element to your bathroom design. Simple white or cream coloured flowers in a spa like bathroom can help add to that serene feeling. In a guest bathroom, flowers can add that extra touch that lets others know how caring and thoughtful you are. Simple arrangements that go with the colours of towels or accent colours can often be just the right choice to make the look complete.

Floral Arrangements for the Kitchen

Flowers in the kitchenA popular look for the kitchen are floral fruit arrangements. Large or small clear vases filled with fruit and flowers make attractive counter top or table top designs. The vibrant colours of the fruit combined with coordinated colours of the flowers make a refreshing look for the kitchen. Even a simple vase of fresh flowers can make a kitchen feel cosy and a place that people naturally want to gather.

Floral Arrangements All Around the House

There are lots of other great places to display your floral arrangements around the house. During the summer, a large, wide floral arrangement can look great setting in front of an unused fireplace. Small, artistic floral arrangements can be placed on bookcase shelves or side tables along with other art pieces or keepsakes. Consider pairing a floral design on a wall table along with a wall mirror to create an eye catching design.

Fireplace mantels are another great place for displaying flowers. Simple vases or grand arrangements, depending on the space can be attractive decorating elements. Light, airy flowers anchored in clear vases with rocks or other natural elements are great ways to bring the outdoors into your room and can complement a beachy cottage or casual look.

Floral arrangementsUsing unusual containers for your floral arrangements are great ways to add interest to your room. They could be flea market finds or family heirlooms.
Either way, they’ll add a unique touch to your room and a one of a kind decorating touch. A collection of vases, all having a single fresh flower or a similarly designed floral arrangement can be a clever way to dress up a table. Old bird cages with flowers inside are clever ways to display flowers.

Using floral arrangements around the home offer endless decorating possibilities. You’re only limited by your imagination. Whether you just want to brighten your day with a bouquet of colourful Gerber daisies or define a space with towering containers of Calla lilies, flowers are the perfect way to decorate your home. With so many beautiful flowers to choose from, it’s easy to find an arrangement that will be perfectly suited to your décor or occasion. There’s no excuse to only use flowers for special occasions or holidays. They make great conversation pieces all year round and in many cases, adding just the right floral arrangement can add that finishing touch to your room.

May 23

Buy Floral Gifts For Different Occasions

It’s almost inevitable – at some point in your life, you are going to be in the market to purchase flowers. If you’re like everyone else in the world, you may not be a skilled florist, an expert in choosing the perfect flower in the ideal colour palette, for whatever occasion you need it for. Luckily, it’s easy to figure out what kind of arrangement you’re looking for.

blooms in vaseIf you’re unable to attend the wedding of an old college room-mate, a cousin or a work friend, sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a kind and thoughtful gesture. Not only that – choosing the flowers is simple. Ask the florist for a simple bouquet of seasonal flowers. Look for pale, light colours for spring and summer weddings, or go for deep, rich colours for fall and winter – think dark orange or crimson.

Sending flowers for an anniversary is also a lovely gesture. Whether you’re sending flowers to your parents to celebrate, or bringing them to an anniversary party, they are a great addition to a gift (or even just with a card!) Just like for a wedding, seasonal flowers are your best option.

centrepiece arrangementAny girl loves to receive flowers on her birthday. This is the easiest bouquet to shop for – you’re in the market for something fun, colourful and not too formal. Anything goes, but if the person you’re shopping for has a favourite flower, stick to what they love! Gerberas are lovely for birthday arrangements, and always install happiness.

Attending a Thanksgiving dinner? Bring your host a bouquet of chrysanthemums in beautiful fall colours. Dark coloured carnations, as well as daisies are popular that time of year, as well as roses (opt for anything but red roses, unless you are in love with your host). Add visual interest to your bouquet with wheat or marigolds.

PoinsettiaIf you’re sending a bouquet as a Christmas gift, or bringing one to a Christmas party for a hostess gift, the classic choice is a poinsettia plant. They have gorgeous green leaves, and red or white flowers. While the poinsettia plant is definitely the most common plant purchased at Christmas time, you can also opt for Christmas amaryllis, holly, or Christmas cactus.

After the Christmas celebrations are over, Easter is right around the corner. Lillies are very popular for Easter arrangements, as well as pale or pastel coloured carnations.

red roses arrangementFor Valentines day – you guessed it, go for roses. The more red the better, long stems, with a box of chocolates will keep you out of the doghouse. If your love is a bit more modern, maybe go for bright pink or fuchsia roses (pink roses represent gentleness and grace), or bright white petals. Mix up the selection to create something personal and unique! Keep in mind – yellow roses symbolize friendship, so be careful who you send those to!

When shopping for a Mother’s Day bouquet, you can’t go wrong with carnations, narcissi, or lilies. Look for an assortment of colours, and as many shades as you want. Orchids are also great for Mother’s Day – they symbolize refinement, and beauty. Jasmine is also a great addition to celebrate the day.

flower arrangement for a baby boyThe birth of a baby definitely an occasion to send a bouquet to new parents. Steer clear from any strong smelling flowers, as it can be off putting in a small hospital recovery room to have a heavily scented arrangement. Look for yellows for the birth of a baby boy, and of course pinks for newborn baby girls. If you’re really wanting to celebrate, add some vellum balloons or even a teddy bear.

Sympathy Flowers in white bloomsFor a sombre occasion – a sympathy bouquet, or an arrangement destined for a funeral, go for a classic arrangement – stick to white colours (nothing bright coloured or black) like white carnations, roses or dasies, or even gladiolas. Chrysanthemums are also traditional flowers at funerals in many areas, as they symbolize truth and honesty.

For a get well bouquet, or to send an arrangement to a friend for some encouragement, anything bright and cheery will do. Maybe look for a nice vase to sit the arrangement in, and incorporate yellow into the bouquet.

modern floral arrangement7For a high school or university graduation, look for a bunch of lilies. Red, pink, yellow and white makes a beautiful bouquet to commemorate the event.

Of course, flowers don’t necessarily have to be only for an occasion. Sending flowers to a friend who is down, to cheer up a sibling or co-workers is such a friendly gesture that won’t be forgotten.

If flowers aren’t your thing, then shopping for the ultimate bouquet that sends the perfect message of love, support or gratitude may be extremely hard for you. However, you are in luck! Not only do you not need to specifically choose the bouquet yourself, you can leave it up to the florist. Buying flowers from out of town is easy, just explain the reason why you are sending the flowers, and more often than not, a florist can guide you in the right direction.

flower courierOnline services are more popular than ever to help you choose the most appropriate arrangement, and get it to where it needs to be in the proper time-frame. Sending flowers online is by far the easiest way to arrange a delivery – choose from an assortment of flowers at the click of a button, Of course, you will pay a shipping fee that would not be applied had you purchased the flowers from the local florist, but when that is not an option, a small shipping fee is to be expected.

Keep in mind that the arrangement you choose may not be exactly what you see online – variations in colours or even the actual kind of flower is to be expected from season to season. If you choose to shop through a reputable online florist, they will often work with local flower shops to get the most beautiful arrangement possible for your money delivered on time to who it’s intended for – no matter where in the world you’re sending them from.

May 23

Do you speak Flower?

Flowers have long held an important place in society. Throughout history, flowers have been used to symbolize important events, feelings or thoughts. Those traditions have continued today, and the wise flower giver will have a working knowledge of the history and symbolism.


herbs & flowersHerbs and flowers have been used for specific purposes since the beginning of time. Biblical accounts refer to the use of flowers and herbs when speaking to one’s beloved (Song of Solomon 5:3, “His cheeks are like beds of spice yielding perfume. His lips are like lilies dripping with myrrh.”) During the Renaissance, herbs were believed to have magical healing powers. The Victorian Era launched a time when gardens were considered a part of a properly done home, and the sentiments of a lover could be expressed without a word by a well-placed flower.
Customs from these early uses of flowers and herbs are still in effect for today – often without a thought to how the ritual began.

Meet Me under the Mistletoe

MistletoeAccording to legend, mistletoe was considered to be a sign of male essence – and so by extension, romance and fertility. Mistletoe is to be cut at the peak of its season, and may not touch the ground at any point or else risk losing its magical properties. To truly maximize the power of the plant, the mistletoe should be hung in the house at the beginning of the Christmas season, and remain until the following year. This allows the house to be protected from lightning strikes or storms. While the mistletoe is hanging, the male essence works upon the females who may enter the home – drawing them to the herb. This romance worker compels the two to kiss. Scandinavian custom has the gentleman removing a berry after each kiss; when the berries are gone, the kissing power of the mistletoe has waned. Centuries later, mistletoe – often formed into “Kissing Balls” has become a symbol of romance and love during the winter season, and is sometimes included in winter flower arrangements to signal a desire for love.


BoutonnierePart of the ‘coming of age’ rituals of modern society is the attendance at a formal dance, typically during the latter years of high school or college. The exchange of flowers between the couple has become mainly a dictation of fashion – matching the ribbons and flowers to the woman’s dress, which is also matched to the tie/cummerbund of the gentleman. This tradition, however, has a long history that dates back to the Middle Ages. A knight would wear the colours of his esteemed lady as a sign that he was fighting for her honour. A maiden would often provide her favoured knight with a hair ribbon or a handkerchief that would represent her, and her knight would tie the fabric at the end of his spear, or wear it upon his person. Many times, onlookers would be ignorant of who the woman was, and would simply understand that the knight had been “spoken for” but would not identify the woman out of a sense of propriety. While we have moved beyond the time of knights and damsels, the custom of pinning a boutonnière on a gentleman is a continuation of this sweet tradition. The gentleman proudly displays the ‘colours’ of his chosen lady as a sign that his attentions have been claimed.


Bridal BouquetBrides carry elaborate bouquets of flowers to the altar during a wedding procession in modern times. The collection of flowers can be an important focal point of the bridal look, and often reflects the theme of the entire day. A more rustic wedding may feature flowers wrapped with burlap, while a modern wedding may be a simple grouping of calla lilies tied with satin ribbon. No matter what the style of wedding, the flowers are another way to add beauty and individuality to the day. This custom began as a way to symbolize wishes for the new marriage. Early brides carried orange blossoms to symbolize fertility and wheat sheaves as a wish for prosperity. Dill was a popular herb that was included in the bouquets and was eaten after the ceremony as a natural aphrodisiac.

Early Roman weddings would use a torch to light the first fire in a newly-wed’s home, and the torch was then tossed out to the wedding party. The French, ever sensibly, replaced the torch tossing with a floral bouquet and began the tradition of promising that whoever caught the flowers would be the next to marry.

Flowers in Her Hair

flower head bandMany times, a woman or young girl will tuck a beautiful flower into her hair as an accessory. This custom has special meaning on the island of Hawaii, where the placement of the flower can send specific signals about her marital status. If a woman places a flower on the right side of her head, near the ear, it is a sign that she is single. Wearing a flower on the left side of the head, or near the top of the head is a sign that a woman is married, or otherwise unavailable.

A person who wears a wreath of flowers in their hair may be referred to as a ‘flower child’ – a reference to a movement that occurred during the late 1960’s. The phrase became synonymous with ‘hippie’ and is typically used to describe someone who is an advocate for peace, and is typically a counter-culture movement. The flowers became a symbol for peace and were worn by protesters who just wanted everyone to ‘get along’.

Knowing the symbolism of flowers can be a fun and interesting way to speak the language of flowers. While we no longer have knights to storm the castle walls, and eating dill at a wedding reception would cause questions, there are ways you could slip these floral customs into your activities that would give a nod to the heritage of flower-talkers in the past. Selecting a special ribbon for your groom to wear in his boutonnière would speak volumes of his place as your knight in shining armour. A cheese and pickle tray at the head table would not seem unusual, and you can smile to yourself as you select a few dill pickles as a snack.